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Texas v. T.N.



State of Texas v T.N.

Harris County Criminal Court #2 11/19/14

.16 BREATH TEST!!! Client is a bartender and went to have a drink after work with a friend. While driving home from a guys house she fell asleep and barely struck a pole. No scene video, but there was a station video where the client looked good and consented to a breath test. The jury never even got to hear the breath test because the State dismissed the case midtrial after absolutely terrible testimony from the arresting officer. In fact, I believe the State even complained to the force about this officer. He had no business arresting anyone for DWI. Thank you to the State for being fair and cutting a bad case when it needed to be. It was the fair decision and took a lot of courage.

Disclaimer: Due to the high frequency of dismissals, not all dismissed cases are reported.

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