Texas v. J.B.



Texas v. J.B.

Harris County No. 9


Harris County ADA tried the case with Pasadena Police. The case started falling when I crossed the officer. Who allegedly radared my client doing 65 in a 40, however never said that on video and instead said: 65-80, 70ish, 70+, 65 plus or minus 5, he was haulin’ butt. The radar gun doesn’t work like that. I personally think they didn’t even have reasonable suspicion to pull him over but the case made it all the way to the jury. Client was exhausted and denied drinking. He did admit to taking his Klonopin 4 hours before the stop, but stated that it didn’t make him drowsy and he was a 0 on a scale of 0 to 10 for intoxication. The SFSTs were ok, but the jury realized those tests are designed for failure after my cross-exam. Honestly, this case should never have been tried. But, the DA did not want to dismiss it because it was his second arrest. That”s the problem, that”s why he was arrested in the first place. A misdemeanor DWI should never hear about any prior arrests, it’s about that one arrest, that one night. Jury followed the law and gave him his life back and didn’t send him to jail. No test, no accident, no problem!!!