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Fathers' Rights in Texas

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Fathers’ Rights Lawyer in Houston, Texas

Experienced Custody & Divorce Counsel for Fathers

Searching for a father’s rights lawyer in Houston? Smart move. Understanding fathers’ rights in Texas can be difficult and complicated, especially with your legacy at stake. Father’s rights use to be relatively simple. Historically, the simplest way to determine if a man was considered to be a father of a child was if the man was married to the mother when the child was born.

Although this is a general rule, it isn’t a “one size fits all” model. It definitely doesn’t fit the modern family very often today. Family courts are notorious for unfairly siding with mothers. This still happens today when it comes to child custody and custody battles, even though that might not be what’s actually in the child’s best interest. It’s absolutely critical to the wellbeing of a child to make sure you get a fathers’ rights lawyer so that your child can grow up with the absolute best care possible.

Why Should I Hire a Father’s Rights Lawyer in Houston?

Having a father’s rights lawyer in Houston is no longer optional where Texas family law and custody is concerned. If you’re unable to figure out how to win child custody quickly, you may face an uphill battle to be in your children’s lives at all.

For example, the mother could be seeking a protective order against you as you read this. Sadly, protective orders aren’t hard to gain and may be misused by scared mothers to force you away from your children. A protective order made against you could very quickly put you in a difficult position for any Houston child custody lawyer.

What’s more, a protective order could affect other areas of your life. Protective orders will show up on background checks and could potentially affect your employment. Without skilled legal help, seeking father’s rights in Texas child support could be the very least of your worries.

A Fathers’ Rights Lawyer: Your Advocate

Unfortunately, so many fathers have been systematically taken advantage of over the years, in spite of Texas family law being written in gender-neutral form. Lacking the help of a skilled family law attorney in Houston, many have had their children unjustly taken from them.

Recently, more and more Texas fathers rights advocates have begun supporting one another. Fathers for Equal Rights is one of the leading organizations aiming to correct this unfortunate reality. But it takes more than that to win in court.

Only a father’s rights lawyer in Houston who is well-rounded in all aspects of family can help. For example, knowing the difference between the presumed father, the acknowledged father and the legal father requires a paternity lawyer who thoroughly understands the subtle differences and how they all affect legal issues such as child support.

Get A Father’s Rights Lawyer in Houston on Your Side

At Thiessen Law Firm, we are in the business of fighting for fatherhood: helping fathers get custody and stay connected with their families.

Taly Thiessen is an experienced father’s rights lawyer in Houston, Texas. She fights for the rights of fathers and for the wellbeing of the involved children. At the end of the day, their best interest trumps all, and we want to make sure no one loses sight of that or of the extremely important relationship between a father and their child.

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