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Mark Thiessen

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Mark Thiessen has been published in numerous magazines and publications due to his expert knowledge in DWI and criminal defense law.

November 8th, 2019

TCDLA Voice for the Defense

Article: 2019’s Need-to-Know Changes to DWI Law

Mar 9, 2018

TCDLA Voice for the Defense; pg. 23

Article: Not Guilty v. Cerberus: Winning Intoxicated Manslaughter Trials

Jan 26, 2018

5th Annual Lonestar DWI Seminar

Presentation: Not Guilty v. Cerberus; Winning Intoxicated Manslaughter Trials

Nov 21, 2015

TCDLA Voice for the Defense, Vol. 44, No. 9, pg. 20

Fear and Loathing in South Texas; If Dr. Hunter S. Thompson Got a DWI in Texas in 2015

Nov, 2015

Counterpoint – The Journal of Science and the Law

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