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Please Note: Under the current Governor, we are unable to help someone with a felony conviction in Texas. Also, we cannot help those with Federal convictions or out of state felony convictions.

Texas Unlawful Weapons Lawyer

A weapons case, like a drug case, often has search and seizure issues that deserve investigation. Additionally, your attorney must examine whether the state can affirmatively link the client to the weapon and look for a defense that may justify the client’s possession of the weapon. There are many defenses provided under Texas law.

Unlawful Carrying of Weapon in Texas

Unless you have a license to carry, it is unlawful to carry handguns in Texas unless you are on your own premises or if you are en-route to a vehicle or watercraft that you own/is under your control. If you obtain a permit, Texas law allows you to carry a handgun so long as the gun is concealed and you do not carry the gun into bars, schools, churches, hospitals, or other sensitive locations.

Of course, even if you have a license, it is considered illegal to carry a handgun if you are engaged in criminal activity, are a member of a gang, or have been prohibited by law from possessing a firearm.

For more information regarding license to carry laws, please see the following resources:

Note that unlawful weapons cases used to include certain types of knives and clubs. Today, however, Texans can carry these weapons without legal ramifications – with one minor exception. Individuals who are 18 years old or younger are not allowed to carry a knife with a blade length over 5½ inches in the aforementioned sensitive locations without parental supervision.

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