Texas v. W.C.


Not Guilty

Texas v. W.C.

Harris County Court of Law No. 7


0.158 BLOOD TEST!!!! Client was pulled over for driving with no light on at 2:45am on a Saturday on Bellaire Boulevard. He wasn’t speeding, weaving, or failing to signal. He pulled over safely and timely. The car was his mother’s so he was not used to having to turn on the lights and thought they were automatic. The scene video showed that the female HPD officer called for back up for officer safety while the client was being very polite. She arrested him because he argued with her that he was not intoxicated. The station video also showed the client acting very polite and standings still. The 19 year old client was scared and asked for an attorney. The state got a blood search warrant and took his blood. HPD blood lab tested it at a 0.158. Our expert, Amanda Culbertson, was able to show the following errors in the HPD blood test: pipettes out of calibration, known standards out of calibration, cracked vial, the machine labeling chromatograms as 2017 and mislabeling vials. And this was just one run! HPD analysts watched Culbertson testify and could not state anything she said was untrue. The jury took 21 minutes to deliver a just verdict. I hope this jury is very proud of their verdict and this firm will soon be sending out a blog on all the problems going on with HPD blood lab. This courageous jury stood up for the citizens of Harris County and demanded better forensic science. Thank you so much, we need more jurors like yall.