Texas v. W.E.



Texas v. W.E.

Harris County No. 10


.20/.15 BREATH TEST!!!! Client was on his way home from Rodeo Cookoff (2.5 years ago) and hit an accident that didn’t steer and clear themselves on I-10. The State retested the blood three separate times. The blood started out at a .20 and finally ended up at a .15. They had problems with the analyst and on the third time, it was too close to trial so it wouldn’t have come in. Judge Ross properly denied the State’s continuance and the State dismissed the case. Then the State went and re-filed the case. Effectively getting around the Judge’s ruling. Completely chickenshit and basically cheating/abusing their power, if you ask me. So 2.5 years later, with 3 different blood test, we went to trial. Client was basically normal on video and the wreck was just an accident. It all came down to the blood test. And once the jury saw that the blood was tested 11 months beyond the test tubes expiration date and the blood appeared brown and green, they had tons of reasonable doubt. Thank you to the honest analyst who admitted that she doesn’t see blood like that, but doesn’t have a choice, she just has to test it. I applaud and thank the jury for following the law and finding the client Not Guilty. You should have seen the tears in our client’s eyes as that 2.5 year weight was lifted. Thank you to the jury, I hope yall never forget the day you gave a young man his life back.