Texas v. T.J.



Texas v. T.J.

Harris County No. 2


Interference with Emergency Call (Class A Misd). Client was a doctor going through a divorce with his wife who was a professional actress (Predatory Moon and Hit Women). He had already filed a case against her for Assault after she broke his jaw. The 911 call was all her screaming and crying. You never heard his voice or any loud banging or anything. I even had pictures of him at the clinic from their surveillance cameras at the time of the call. Additionally, I had two witnesses that remember him at the clinic at the time of the 911 call. The wife refused to even show up to testify and asked the DA to dismiss it. So why did this case even go to trial??? Because of One DA. Others wanted to dismiss it. This DA was so overzealous and irrational that he made his number 3 try it with a 911 tape and only one of the three investigating officers. Honestly, he was abusing his power as a DA. Luckily, the Honorable Judge Bill Harmon granted a directed verdict after their case in chief and put a stop to all this nonsense. After the jury was excused, one juror came around the box and walked straight up to the DA wanting to ask questions. The juror was taken back to the jury room and both the State and I went back to talk with them. The jurors were furious that the State would even waste tax payer money on a case like this. And, it could’ve cost my client his medical license. All because of One DA. It’s scary the power a DA can abuse. I hope HCDAO takes a look at his actions and reconsiders whether he is a positive reflection for their team. Thank you, thank you to Judge Bill Harmon for bringing justice into this situation. You are greatly appreciated.