Texas v. S.M.



Texas v. S.M.

Harris County No. 12


Client was charged with beating up a fellow party goer at a Light in the Heights after party. Client was an ex-TCU and Tennessee Titans football player (and a friend of mine). He and his girlfriend were winning at pool when the complainant moved the 8 ball. An argument ensued and my client’s girlfriend walked to the bathroom. Client went to follow her. As he did, the complainant followed him down the hall, referring to his girlfriend as a “b*tch” and telling my client to “F off.” My client turned around and the complainant chest bumped him. My client had suffered many concussions through football and wasn’t waiting for the first punch to knock him unconscious, so he struck first in self defense. Split the complainants eye and nose with one punch. Also bruised complainant’s groin. Jury found client acted in self defense. It’s the same story in every fight, you lose and get beaten up or you win and get sued or charges pressed. Jury made the right decision. Maybe the complainant will stop going around and cursing people and their girlfriends. He had no idea who he was messing with. Thanks jury for holding him accountable for running his mouth.