Texas v. C.S.



Texas v C.S.

Harris County No. 13


.11 BLOOD TEST!!!! Client was driving on 610 North when she was cut off and had a tremendous accident after driving off the freeway and hitting a telephone pole. She was unhurt and denied medical treatment. Nothing in the HFD records about her being intoxicated. However, DWI Task Force made the scene and put her through the Standard Field Sobriety tests. The jury was able to see that even sober eyes can appear intoxicated and jerk on the DAs own demonstrative aid. Client looks very good on the One Leg Stand and Walk and Turn. She asked for a lawyer when they asked her to submit a breath test. The officer went and got a blood sample. Her blood was a 0.11 four hours after the accident. Our forensic toxicologist, Amanda Culbertson explained to the jury why they should not trust this blood and how HPD Crime lab is currently under investigation by the forensic commission. The jury made the just decision and returned a Not Guilty verdict in about 30 minutes. The jury said they did not trust the machine and they don’t know why the State even tried this case with this type of evidence. Client is graduating from dental hygiene school and got her life back. We had to wait over 500 days for this jury. Thank you so much to the jury for giving her life back and making the just decision.