Texas v. K.J.



Texas v. K.J.

Harris County No. 5


Client and his wife were on their way home from Big John’s Ice House in two separate cars when she got pulled over for no headlights. Both ended up being clients and the husband went to trial after the wife took a deal to get her case dismissed. So husband pulls over and meets an HPD Officer who had quite an attitude on the stand, so I can only imagine how they got along with no one watching. HPD calls DWI Task force and starts the snowball. Husband is very upset and concerned about his wife. He doesn’t really pay attention to any of the standard field sobriety tests. The officer had no choice to arrest him. Then another DWI Task force sergeant comes over and asks husband for a sample of his breath. Husband replies: ”kiss my ass.” There was a lot of cursing on the husband’s part but exhausted and angry IS NOT intoxicated. The jury took pictures with the Judge and lawyers afterwards. They also all requested my business card. Officially a ”kiss my ass” NOT GUILTY!!!