Texas v. B.E.



Texas v. B.E.

Harris County No. 8


0.214 BLOOD TEST!!! Client came from Seabrook to Houston for the Fourth of July festivities. He met a couple of ladies at a bar that night who wanted to go back to Seabrook to ride on his boat the next day for the 4th of July. The client knew better than to driving, this being his second DWI arrest. But jaded by alcohol and two beautiful women, he let one of the girls drive and rode in his truck with them. They didn’t make it to Seabrook as the driver pulled into a parking lot so all could use the restroom. A police officer came upon the scene while my client was sitting in the driver’s seat. There was also marijuana found on the center console. The client was obviously intoxicated on the video so we gladly conceded to intoxication. He also testified the open container was his in the door that he had drank earlier that night. He also testified that he had smoked some of that weed, but it was the girls’ weed. Only one of the girls showed up to testify. However, it was obvious from her testimony that she was covering for her friend. The girls had been cutting their hair in the full moon that night and the driver, who refused to testify or come to Court, was actually 8.5 months pregnant. The jury realized the truth and set the client free. The DA should have dismissed the case, but couldn’t see past that high blood score and him being in the driver’s seat. However, the jury found the client credible who would admit to drinking and driving before, smoking weed, being highly intoxicated, but not actually driving. He is a prominent realtor in town and his career was certainly on the line. Thank you to the jury for following the law.