Texas v. K.S.



Texas v. K.S.

Harris County Court of Law No. 4


7 minute not guilty verdict. Client was speeding down 45 dressed as “Tiger Woods’ mistress” from a golf tournament that she worked for Baker Street Pub. She was pulled over for speeding by ex-DWI Task Force. He thought she was intoxicated but let her drive off the freeway (????) where he called another DWI Task Force unit to come finish the tests. She told the officers 11 times on video that she was cold or freezing. The officers refused to conduct the SFSTs in a controlled setting and instead stated that her poor performance on the SFSTs was due to intoxication and not the weather. Client was going through a custody battle and wanted to plead guilty because she could not afford trial. Not on my watch! Yes, I am a lawyer with a heart and a sense of justice. I tried the case for free and we won. The jury followed the law and returned the only just verdict.