Texas v. K.R.


State v. K.R.

221st District Court of Montgomery County


Client was accused of sexually assaulting his daughter. He passed a polygraph examination for us. The outcry of the alleged assault came after his daughter was caught having sexual intercourse with her boyfriend. The outcry was to her step mother at the time, the client’s ex-wife. Through intense investigation and child psychologist assessment, the daughter did not appear credible. Anger at her father is not a reason to allege such disgusting and horrific allegations. The only thing worse than be accused of sexually assaulting a child, is being WRONGFULLY accused of sexually assaulting a child. The DA made the right choice and dismissed the case after reading our grand jury packet and the physiologist’s report.


Disclaimer: Due to the high frequency of Dismissals, and the possibility of the State refilling, these cases are not reported often. Thank you to the State for taking a stand and doing the right thing. Dismissals are always a gift.