When you’re wondering how to get a DWI dismissed in Texas, you need to start thinking in terms of big, fat, juicy mistakes. In particular, you need to think about what happened before, during, and after the traffic stop that could spell issues for our boys in blue. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the police officer who pulled you over acted in a terrible manner. It does mean that the officer may or may not have done things that could bring the entire traffic stop into question. And when you’re seeking a DWI dismissal, pinpointing these mistakes is exactly what you (or your Houston DWI lawyer) need to do.

At Thiessen Law Firm, we have won hundreds of Not Guilty verdicts and thousands of DWI dismissals. We know exactly what to do when you get a DWI in Texas. So if you want to know how to beat a DWI in Texas, take our word for it: these are just a few of the mistakes you and your legal team should be on the lookout for.

Mistake #1: The officer didn’t have reasonable suspicion

One of the first things we look at when figuring out how to get your DWI dismissed in Texas is whether or not you should have even been pulled over in the first place. As we mention in our guide to what to do when pulled over, a police officer can’t pull you over just because they feel like it. Officers are required to have a case for reasonable suspicion before pulling anyone over. If there were no noticeable signs of drunk driving (such as swerving or failing to stop at a traffic sign) or if they had no other legal reason for pulling you over, this could land you one step closer to a DWI dismissal. 

Mistake #2: The video evidence doesn’t add up

Let’s say you were pulled over and the results of your BAC test are quite high (0.15 or higher). If these results are actually accurate — and they might not be — then you would likely be slurring your words and stumbling around in the video evidence, right? But what if, instead of acting like a sloppy mess of a human, you’re sitting there quietly, remaining respectful, and acting rather… sober. In this situation, things don’t add up, and they don’t add up in the best way possible. This can lead to reasonable doubt and that’s something you want to keep in mind when figuring out how to get a DWI dismissed in Texas.

Mistake #3: Your BAC test wasn’t handled properly

Not many people who start looking into how to get a DWI dismissed in Texas know to question their validity of their BAC test results. In reality, though, there are a million and one things wrong with BAC testing, from faulty equipment to faulty readings. When it comes to breathalyzers in particular, things can get real “dismiss-y” real fast. In fact, the benefits of avoiding breathalyzers is, in our book, a drunk driving myth. That’s why we tell anyone and everyone we can that “do not blow” is terrible, no good advice. Breathalyzers are known to mess up and provide less than perfect results, and because of this, they can become a great path towards a DWI dismissal. 

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Mistake #4: Officers didn’t follow protocol 

Unfortunately for police officers and fortunately for you, there are protocols that must be followed during a traffic stop by the officers at the scene. Some of these protocols are in place so officers don’t infringe upon your rights. So, when protocols aren’t followed properly during a DWI arrest, this could become problematic for prosecutors in court (heads up, this can also be used to get a possession charge dismissed in Texas). 

Protocols can include everything from vehicle searches and blood draws to field sobriety tests and evidence collection. There’s actually a lot that can go wrong as far as protocols are concerned, which ultimately means there’s a lot that your legal team should be able to work with.

Mistake #5: Not calling a law firm

Or, to be cheesier than a grilled cheese at the Texas State Fair, not calling Thiessen Law Fair. Just because it’s cheesy doesn’t make it untrue, though. With thousands of DWI dismissals under our belt, we know what steps to take after a DWI in Texas that can lead to a case dismissal. We combine science with a deep understanding of current laws and regulations to help our clients overcome DWI charges in Texas. With experience in DWI hit-and-runs, intoxication manslaughter, and cases involving a BAC level greater than 0.15, we can handle any DWI case that comes our way.

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We know how to get a DWI dismissed in Texas

After you’ve been charged with a DWI, the biggest mistake you could make is not taking the charge seriously. Even though DWIs are common charges, the penalties can be severe. A DWI can set you back tens of thousands of dollars, and if you’re not careful, you could even find yourself in a jail cell (something most people don’t realize). To make matters worse, DWIs can remain on your record and negatively impact your life. 

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Think you’re the only one out there facing DWI charges? Think again. Check out our friendly reminder that anyone — and we mean anyone — can get slapped with a DWI charge.

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