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Dan Simons

Criminal & Tax Attorney


Dan’s humble beginnings began in Southeast Texas. He is currently married to an interventional cardiologist. Dan is a well-respected attorney in the Harris County by both the prosecution’s office and the defense bar. He is a self-made man that strives for the best and is honest, driven, motivated, hardworking, and dedicated to his career.

Growing up, he lived below poverty level and was later placed in foster care as a child. At the age of 12, Dan moved in with friends with the agreement that he had to join the military after he graduated high school. Coming from an environment where he witnessed many injustices first-hand, Dan’s original goal was to become a police officer so that he may help crime victims as well as victims of the “system”. In 1996, Dan accomplished something that his entire family failed to do, he graduated high school and joined the Air Force.

Outside of military service, Dan had a very successful career in the art gallery industry. In 2005 at the age of 27, he decided to pursue law with the help of the M.G.I. Bill. At Sam Houston State University, he graduated number one in his class of over 1,100 graduates. From there, his path led him to the city of Houston where he attended the Thurgood Marshall School of Law in Houston, graduating Magna Cum Laude, and then to University of Houston for a Masters in Tax Law. While attending UH, he applied with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and was offered a job. Though this was not something he ever aspired to be a part of, Dan was inspired by the opportunity to seek and serve justice. After becoming a prosecutor Dan found himself in a position where he could truly accomplish his goals, a place he had the privilege and opportunity to help both victims, and defendants alike. He had a very successful career with the HCDA’s Office assisting fellow citizens across our city.

Dan sees little difference between his past work as a prosecutor and current role as a defense attorney. As a prosecutor, it was his job to seek justice; protecting both, the rights of the victims and the defendants, and consequently protect our community. As a defense attorney, his job remains the same — seek justice for clients, especially if the State oversteps their boundaries, and protect their rights.

What makes Dan a successful attorney is not just his background, education or personality, but the fact that he’s never been quick to see defendants as criminals. Even as a prosecutor, what Dan saw was a person’s brother, sister, son, wife, husband, father, mother or friend who had made a mistake or bad choice. He does not see a criminal, he sees a human being. A person who may not be guilty of the crime he or she is charged with. Ultimately, Dan remains committed because he feels it his duty to serve the community and help all that are in need.

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