Texas v. G.R.



Texas v. G.R.

Harris County Court of Law No. 7


0.16 BLOOD TEST. It was client’s second DWI and there was no room for bargaining. We tee’d it up and were ready to fight. Had Amanda Culbertson ready to testify about the problem with Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences gas chromatography. We weren’t going anywhere. After a year we were finally up for trial. The State had witness problems and had to dismiss it. Thank you to the State for this gift. I also did not charge the client a trial fee even though I spent considerable time preparing. There are a thousand ways to skin a cat. You just have to have the guts to trust in your lawyer and go all the way. Good things happen when you set it for trial!!!

Disclaimer: Due to the high frequency of dismissals, not all dismissed cases are reported.