Texas v. J.G.


Texas v. J.G.

Harris County No.


Client was on her way home from a girl’s night out after picking up her child. A true DWI sped by her and got into a one vehicle crash. My client stopped and rushed to help the victim of the crash. When the police arrived, she admitted to drinking earlier that night and even submitted to a blood test. The test came back at a 0.03. However, the DA still accepted charges and was going to try and use Retrograde Extrapolation mumbo jumbo to prove she was intoxicated at the time of driving. Thank goodness this case landed in a reasonable court with reasonable DAs. Within two weeks we presented the case to the Grand Jury and they made the just decision to No Bill this case and give the client her life and family back.


Disclaimer: Due to the high frequency of No Bills, and the possibility of the State refilling, these cases are not reported often. Thank you to the Grand Jury for taking a stand and doing the right thing. No Bills are always a gift.