Texas v. C.F.

No Billed

Texas v. C.F.

Harris County District Court 182nd


Client was driving his girlfriend over to her mother’s apartment with an acquaintance in the car. As the girlfriend went in to her mother’s apartment, the two males sat and waited in the car. Police patrolling the parking lot allege that as they drove by, two males ducked down. The officer then approached the car and smelled marijuana (THEY ALWAYS SAY THAT!!!). However, the Grand Jury got it right and realized there was no marijuana in the car, around the car, no paraphernalia, no roaches, no nothing. The police pulled the two gentlemen out of the car and searched a camera case that had methamphetamines in it. We kept the text messages from the passenger admitting to the drugs the next day. The Grand Jury did a wonderful duty and no billed this case. Thank you so much for giving this young man his life back.


Disclaimer: Due to the high frequency of No Bills, and the possibility of the State refilling, these cases are not reported often. Thank you to the Grand Jury for taking a stand and doing the right thing. No Bills are always a gift.