Texas v. C.C.



Texas v C.C.

Harris County No. 1


.09 BLOOD TEST!!!! Client was found passed out on the rail road tracks by an HPD lieutenant. No video, no SFTS, the lieutenant just arrested him and took him downtown. There he performed great on the SFSTs and even consented to his blood. However, the jury never saw any of that evidence or the SFSTs, because that officer downtown is currently under investigation for bank robbery. Why did the State try this case? She said she thought it was the right thing to do and that she could make it. In my honest opinion, this was a tragic waste of taxpayer time and money. When you have a bad police officer and no evidence with a client who has never been arrested and it’s only a 0.09, you do the right thing and dismiss it. Client was a medical researcher and his entire career was on the line. Thankfully the jury was able to see the absolute lack of evidence in this case and gave him his life back. This made my 3rd DWI not guilty in 4 business days, a new personal record.