Texas v. J.L.



Texas v. J.L.

Harris County Court of Law No. 2


0.127 BREATH TEST! Client was pulled over for driving with no headlights on Washington Ave at 2am. Had no loss of mental faculties and looked great on the Walk and Turn and One Leg Stand. There was an open bottle of Crown in the car and his girlfriend was allegedly very drunk. When the valet’s returned his car they didn’t turn on the lights and valet’s turn off your automatic lights when they park it, so BE AWARE. Client is deathly afraid of needles, so consented to a breath test. Breath test of 0.127 at 330am. During trial, we had to file a Motion to Recuse the judge for improperly coaching the State how to deal with my trial skills. The Motion was denied and the Judge continued to help the State. However, what Judges don’t realize is that the jury doesn’t like to see the referee/judge wearing the other team’s jersey. And, that was in fact my closing argument. The jury helped me and returned the just verdict of Not Guilty despite the uneven playing field. The didn’t like the machine’s maintenance history; the fact the officer was an overzealous advocate and not an independent witness; or the Judge’s treatment of me. The Judge also kept his MADD plaque on the wall for the entire trial.