Texas v. A.



Texas v. A.

Harris County Court of Law No. 5


3 minute not guilty verdict, the quickest of my career. Client allegedly was speeding down the feeder at over 90mph when he hit a curb, blowing both his tires, and hit a lamp post. He then was pulled over with two flat tires. He was given the SFSTs by a DWI Task Force officer who had been on the Task Force for 5 days and MDT logs showed he was excited to be catching DWIs on that date: Cinco De Mayo. And my client was Hispanic! My client never stood a chance. In all fairness to the DA, the wheel witness was terrible and the officer made a lot of mistakes. But it was through my diligence that we had the MDT logs, dispatch tapes, and 911 call to discredit all of the witnesses. The jury followed the law and knew this case should have never been tried.