Texas v. C.W.



Texas v. C.W.

Harris County No. 7


Client was pulled over Christmas week for an illegal u-turn that the police often stake out. Pulls over and the officer smells the burnt odor of marijuana in the car. Client admits to drinking. Performs the field sobriety test fine for him, considering his past medical history. However, once arrested begins crying for an hour. During his emotional tirade he tell the officer “I’m sorry I drove drunk.; Why don’t you just punch me in the face and leave me on the side of the road; can’t I just buy you dinner and you can leave me there and say I’m lost?” Pretty damning statements, but the jury understood, after my closing argument, people will say anything when that emotional. The Trooper found marijuana in the glove box but let the passenger go. The entire time my client denied the weed was his, because it wasn’t. The passenger is actually serving time right now for possession. State tried a good case but the Trooper was terrible. He compromised all of his tests, was an advocate rather than an unbiased witness and when asked “that white powder wasn’t cocaine?” He replied, “I wish it was.” This kids never stood a chance. And the Trooper even agreed with me when I asked him that!! State still hasn’t dismissed the possession of marijuana against my client but that’s probably because they are a little chapped about this Not Guilty on the DWI. They did offer deferred, but we ain’t pleading for something we didn’t do. Round two coming up soon…