Texas v. C.C.


Not Guilty

Texas v. C.C.

Harris County No. 8


0.24 BLOOD TEST!!!! The Friday after Thanksgiving 2013, Client worked on her master’s thesis all day. She went to meet a girlfriend at a bar and ordered some tacos for dinner. It’s important to note that client is a diabetic. Just before midnight a friend buys them a Fireball shot. Client drinks it, not knowing the amount of sugar it contained. She felt bad on her way home and began driving herself to the medical center. She pulled her car over and was found passed out behind the wheel. The evidence showed the officers arrested her in under 4 minutes. The station video showed her non-responsive. Three hours later the blood video showed her coherent and normal. Yet, the State wanted the jury to believe client was a 0.24 blood alcohol concentration at the time of the blood draw. It didn’t make sense. Luckily, we were able to pull her medical records from the jail, 6 hours later, that showed her blood sugar at 333. Client was obviously experiencing a diabetic episode and not intoxicated. The jury returned the just verdict of Not Guilty in only 13 minutes. Client was a practicing lawyer ad her career and life were on the line. The jury understood the science and demanded better forensic evidence from the State of Texas. Thank you to the jury for standing up and protecting your fellow human being.