Texas v. C.T.



Texas v. C.T.

Harris County No. 4


Unlawful Restraint (Class A Misd). Client is 6’5’ 265lb ex-Army Desert Storm Veteran. The complaining witness, his girlfriend at the time, is only 5’5” 115lb fitness instructor and gym owner. This was a passionate relationship that just has a bad night. Client and GF had been dating about 2 months. They met each other kids, slept over, said I love you, and even talked about marriage. Client and GF got into an argument and were bickering all day one day. She started drinking and was mad that he wouldn’t stay up with her. She passed out on the couch and he carried her to the bed. She woke up at that point and wanted to go out, it was 1 am. Client grabbed her my the arms trying to talk some sense into her and she started screaming bloody murder and called the police. She alleges that he ripped a clock out of the wall, even though she was the only one with burn marks in her hand on the photos. She then had to roll over the bed and he jumped on her with his hand on her neck and arm, but didn’t impede her breathing. She then stated he just picked her up and sat on the bed holding her saying “come on, stop it.” Two days after the case was filed she called the DAs office and asked them to drop the charges. 8 days later she met with the DAs in person and asked them to dump it. She even signed an affidavit of non-prosecution. She only wanted to testify against him after she saw him with another woman at Lakewood. All of the officers had different stories from her. She took the stand and her story kept shifting and changing. The jury gave her absolutely no credibility. What’s scary is that she was related to the a very high up Montgomery County court official who came and watched the closing arguments. The jury said they would have come back immediately not guilty but didn’t want to be disrespectful to the State since the State was so nice and did a great job. The State was very honorable and it was one of the nicest and most pleasant trials I’ve had with a Court and DA. I really want to
thank the DAs office and the Court for that. Showed a lot of class. Thank you also to the jury for not labeling this Veteran a “criminal” for the rest of his life. Thank you thank you, and I hope they all remember this great and just verdict for the rest of their lives.