Texas v. C.S.



Texas v. C.S.

Dallas District Court No. 1


.169 BLOOD TEST. Client was coming home from watching a sporting event and was pulled over for speeding on a highway in Dallas. The Judge asked me if I had ever crossed Officer Bobby Watkins before. I said no. He said, you will never forget it. This officer loved to ramble and narrate and just tell me tests were valid without any medical or scientific background. At one point, I had to give the officer a rubber band and tell him to pop himself when he would get angry and argumentative. In fairness, I wore one too. We ended up popping ourselves multiple times. But the client pulled over and was on the phone with his GF. All the client could hear from the loud speaker was “get off the freeway.” So he pulled further into the grass on the shoulder. He heard it again. So he drove his BMW through the grass, off the curb, and stopped on the feeder road. Client eventually pulled into a close car dealership driveway. Client looked great on the video. The blood came back and didn’t match what we saw on video. The jury agreed that the results just didn’t add up. Additionally, questioned how the Officer even know the client was going 80mph without a radar or pacing him. They said that if he was willing to lie off the start, they didn’t trust the rest of his testimony. In the end, the Jury grew tired of Officer Watkins constant evasiveness and embellishing. One juror also said she would have driven off the freeway too with him screaming like that. A juror, who was a nurse, said they run tests in the hospital all the time and the results don’t make sense. So they toss the test and rely on their eyes and ears. The DA had never heard of me before, but half way through she told me that she watched my videos and read my website over the first night. She said I did exactly what I was going to do. It was a great Judge and Jury. The jury gave this young man his life back after almost 2 years of pleading his innocence. Thank you to that smart and meticulous jury.