Texas v. S.G.



Texas v. S.G.

Harris County No. 15


0.069 BLOOD TEST!! Client was found passed out while wrecked on a guard rail at 6am. His blood was drawn at9am and was under the legal limit. However, the State still proceeded to trial in an attempt to retrograde extrapolate his blood to above the legal limit at the time of driving. Through a scientific cross examination, the State’s expert testified he could have been under, over, or exactly the same at the time of driving and each was just as likely. She also agreed there was no way to determine the BAC at the time of driving beyond a reasonable doubt. The jury followed the law and found the client Not Guilty based on the State’s failure to prove the BAC at the time of driving. Other than the BAC, he looked normal, so there was no loss of normal physical or mental faculties. The client testified he was tired and was just coming from eating at House of Pies with his girlfriend and was essentially in a food coma. Thank you to the jury for following the law and giving him his life back. The client was waiting on this verdict to propose to his GF. We wish them a long and happy life together.