Texas v. H.S.



Texas v. H.S.

Harris County No. 14


0.259 BLOOD TEST!!! Client stipulated to intoxication as he wasn’t the driver. Client testified that he went to Sunday Funday and ended up playing flip cup for the first time ever. Doing quite poorly, he drank a lot. His roommate, a marine, drove him in his car home. On the way home, an off duty officer allegedly saw the client’s Prius doing 90mph, driving on the shoulder and swerving all over the road. They were followed all the way home. At client’s house, he was helped out of the back seat and went to confront his person that had followed them home. He then went inside and passed out. He was woken up by the police and asked whose car it was and arrested for DWI. The jury was very smart and followed the law stating: the State didn’t prove operation beyond a reasonable doubt. They still had doubt. And with that doubt, they had to follow the law and find him Not Guilty. It was a very short trial since we stipulated that he was over the legal limit, and had lost the normal use of his mental and physical faculties. Judge Fields even described our trial tactic as “brilliant.” It didn’t waste time and let the jury decide the case on one sole issue. Thank you to Judge for a great trial and the jury for their just verdict.