Texas v. H.D.



State v. H.D.

Fort Bend County No. 5


Client was found asleep at the wheel in a Jack N the Box drive thru. A Sugar Land Police Officer got him out of the car and the client seemed tired, but not intoxicated. While I would love to tell you about how we won this on exhaustion, and we absolutely were ready to do that, the Officer failed to show up on the second day of trial. She refused to back up her Offense Report or get cross examined by me. The State had no choice, but to dismiss mid trial. Since the jury had already been empaneled, the Judge had to direct the jury to issue a Not Guilty verdict. There are a million ways to skin a cat. And I’d rather be lucky than good any day. I don’t know why she refused to come (I like to think she had heard about my cross examination), but my client was very happy with the quick NG.