Texas v. K.T.


Texas v. K.T.

Harris 179th


Attorney: Mark Thiessen

Injury To Elderly. Client was called by a drunk, lost girlfriend. Client called an Uber for the girl. Girl was being rambunctious so Uber was going to toss her out. Client offered Uber driver $40 (3x the fare amount) to still bring her. The Uber driver did. Client then tried to pay the driver and the Uber driver demanded $100. Client said no, then the Uber driver took the 40, crumpled it up, and threw it at the client. Uber driver then came back, picked up the 40 and spit in client’s face. Client had shingles on his face and reacted to this assault by punching the Uber driver. The Uber driver left with the $40 and called the police saying he was elderly and got hit for no reason. The police came, and with no investigation, arrested the client. We were able to put together a packet of client’s Uber conversations and calls that night. Then showed the lack of any records or pictures by the driver, even though he said he needed serious dental work. We were able to find other pictures of the driver on social media that showed he needed serious dental work long before meeting our client. The DA took our packet to the Grand Jury and they No Billed it. Thank you to that Grand Jury for finding the truth.

Disclaimer: Due to the high frequency of No Bills, and the possibility of the State refilling, these cases are not reported often. Thank you to the Grand Jury for taking a stand and doing the right thing. No Bills are always a gift.