Texas v. R.B.



Texas v. R.B.

Fort Bend County No. 2


.16 Blood Test!!!! In all fairness, I got the blood suppressed because the State could not find the nurse or anyone to testify that the blood was drawn using proper procedure. The client looked great on video, but the State wanted to press on. I truly believe that the State used this as practice for one of their new prosecutors, which isn’t cool. The client was pulled over for speeding and the female officer pulled him over and began screaming. Client was polite, coherent, and cooperative the entire time. He looked fantastic on video and the jury returned a 15 minute Not Guilty. The case should have been dismissed after the blood was gone, but the State just couldn’t get over that it was his 2nd and it was a .16. But it’s not about what happened but what they can prove. Thankfully, the smart jury returned a just and fair verdict by following the law. After 19 months of waiting and fighting, the client is now free to follow his dreams and move to California for work. Thank you to that jury for following the law. It was the right verdict.