Texas v. T.E.

Not Guilty

Texas v. T.E.

248th District Court of Harris County


Intoxicated Manslaughter (Enhanced to 1st Degree with Prior Felony Conviction)

NOT GUILTY on Intox Man, Guilty of Lesser Included DWI

Client was facing 5-99 for an Intoxicated Manslaughter Case enhanced with a prior felony and the jury only found him guilty of the lesser DWI. Went in facing life, walked out with time served. Team Thiessen would like to thank the jury for their verdict and remaining true to their doubts. Client was a .19 four hours after the accident but the accident was unavoidable. Our accident reconstructionist, John Eftekhar, was able to show the decedent pulled out in front of the client .85 seconds before impact. Thank you to Amanda Culbertson, forensic toxicologist, who found 100% undeniable tampering with the blood vials which allowed the jury to not even consider the result. We also would like to thank Jacob Shiffer, John Leo, and Steven Wright who never left our side and gave invaluable insight. And we’d like to thank God for bringing this all together. It was also amazing getting to try this case with my lovely wife and second chair, Taly Thiessen.