Texas V. T.W.

Not Guilty

Texas V. T.W.

Denton County No. 5


Attorney: Mark Thiessen

DWI 2nd .16 BLOOD TEST NOT GUILTY!! Client was pulled over for swerving on her way home. Client was pulled over by the most aggressive DWI police officer in Denton PD. The officer has now since retired and is attempting to help Defense Lawyers in trial. I would never hire her. Because while now she talks about the inaccuracy and unreliability of the HGN test, while she was cross examined she continued to say that it was accurate. The jury caught on fast to her speaking out of both sides of her mouth. Client looked good on video but will still arrested. Client really never stood a chance with this officer. Mid Trial I asked her about her blood affidavit and whether she swore to it. She agreed that no one ever gave her an oath and she never swore to it. In fact, she said the person who signed the affidavit was the one who swore that she signed it properly. That is not the law! The affiant of a sworn affidavit to get a blood search warrant must swear to the truth and accuracy of everything in that affidavit. Which now should make everyone question every arrest and warrant this officer ever applied for. The Judge saw the error in the police affidavit and suppressed the blood result. So all that was left was a good video. The zealous Denton County DAs office refused to dismiss the case and instead proceeded to closing. The Denton County DAs office is known state wide for how aggressive they are. The jury returned a swift 10 minute Not Guilt and sent our client home. Thank you to the Judge for his just ruling, thank you to the jury for their just verdict and thank you to God for bringing all these pieces together. The client fought for 2 years to clear her good name. Thank you so much to that jury for giving her life back.