Between arbitrary limits on blood alcohol content (BAC) and some downright silly methods for field sobriety testing, it’s no secret that our current DWI laws could use some work. Sadly, these issues only scratch the surface of our ridiculous DWI policies. Check out some of the most bizarre ways that people have wound up facing DWI charges in America.

MWI (Mowing While Intoxicated)

Receiving a DWI doesn’t necessarily require you to be driving a car, a boat or even a plane. In fact, quite a few Americans have gotten slapped with DWI charges while riding their lawn mowers! These incidents aren’t always on grass either; in 2014, a man in Garden City, Colorado was arrested and charged with a DUI while bar hopping on his riding mower! Interestingly enough, he’s far from the only person to find themselves in such a predicament.

A man in Blountville, Tennessee was actually crazy enough to lead police on a low-speed lawnmower chase! If you’re planning on enjoying a beer as you do your yard work, make sure you stay in your lawn and off the roads!

Horsing Around

As it turns out, your vehicle doesn’t need to have a motor to qualify you for a DWI! Just ask this gentleman from Kentucky: he managed to wrangle up a DWI while riding a horse!

A man in Florida decided to take things a step further by leading police on a horseback chase lasting 30 minutes! Our advice? If you’re planning a barn burner, it’s best to leave the horses out of it.

Not Cool, Bro

Motorized coolers are easily one of the greatest innovations of our time. However, it turns out they can ruin your good times too! Back in 2008, a man in Whitehall, New York landed himself a felony DWI charge after getting pulled over on his Cruzin Cooler™!

Strangely enough, he’s not the only person to receive such a charge; three different people in Australia have actually been charged with DWI while riding motorized coolers. Taking all the beer out of a cooler is already enough of a party foul, driving away with them is something else altogether.

Hell On Three Wheels

Ridiculous as it may be, you’ve probably heard about people receiving DUIs on bicycles. But a DUI on a tricycle? It’s happened, and in Oregon of all places! This genius decided to ride his tricycle home from a night of drinking in the park AFTER the police explicitly warned him not to. The result? The cops spotted him riding his tricycle down the road, against traffic, and promptly placed him under arrest for a DUI charge. It’s ok for drinking to bring out your inner child, just make sure you stay out of the toy box, and off the road.

Dedicated DWI Defense (On Any Vehicle!)

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