In the American justice system, the accused are innocent UNLESS proven guilty in a court of law. No exceptions.  However, when it comes to DWI suspects, people tend to rush to judgment before the facts are even presented.  Due to increased DWI fatality publicity and MADD’s propaganda, most people assume DWI suspects are immediately guilty.  However, nothing could be farther from the truth.

That’s where we come in.

Battling Presumed Guilt

People facing DWI charges are practically treated like criminals before they even go to trial. People accused of DWI are INSTANTLY facing the following consequences:

  • Suspended license
  • Arrest record
  • Ignition interlock device
  • Jail time
  • Increased cost of car insurance
  • Possible job loss
  • Limited travel
  • Loss of Concealed Handgun License
  • Legal Fees
  • Urine testing
  • Remain alcohol and drug free
  • And in some cases, the mug shot is printed in the local paper

Having a lawyer on your side whose practice focuses on DWI is the best way to defend against these consequences. Not to mention, the sense of well-being knowing that someone is there to fight for your best interests and help navigate you through the process.

There is a common misconception that if you have been arrested for a first-offense DUI or DWI charge, or even refuse to take a test at the time of the arrest, there is nothing left to do except plead guilty and accept the penalties that come along with it. This is completely false.

Any experienced DWI trial lawyer will tell you that this is not the case. There are many factors that determine the consequences, especially considering the particular circumstances under which you were arrested. Whether there is a bad stop, improperly administered tests, bad police officers, or unreliable lab results, a lot of factors can influence the outcome of your case in court.

The best advice is to hire the best lawyer you can afford.  Like doctors, good lawyers are expensive. An experienced DWI trial lawyer will know how to handle any of these issues and find the loopholes to get you the best possible outcome.

Why DWIs Deserve to be Fought

Don’t let them fool you: Failing or refusing a roadside sobriety test does not ensure a conviction, nor does it mean certain guilt. We live in a world full of flaws. Neither the chemical tests nor the officers administering the field tests are accurate and reliabel 100% of the time.

  • If you refuse a chemical test at the time you are pulled over, the arresting officer may take possession of your license immediately. However, you have 15 days to fight the suspension and challenge whether proper grounds existed to pull you over and/or arrest you.
  • Chemical tests DO NOT PROVE intoxication at the time of driving.  Texas is an “at the time of driving” state.  Which means, the DAs office must be able to prove you are intoxicated at the time of driving, beyond a reasonable doubt.  With a knowledgeable DWI trial attorney, the accuracy of the test, or the technician administering it, can be successfully challenged.  Tope DWI trial attorneys will publish their Not Guilty verdicts on their website.  Mark Thiessen regularly wins blood and breath DWI trials where the result comes in to evidence.  Read about all of our victories in the “Notable Victories” section of the website.
  • Many foods, medications, and medical conditions will affect the accuracy of a chemical test. A DWI trial attorney knows which foods, medications, or medical conditions can affect the blood or breath test and can use this as reasonable doubt for the jury.

Your strongest ally during a court case is an experienced trial lawyer. Don’t give up and plead guilty! There could be more going for your case than you realize, but the cops, prosecutors and judges will never give you that impression. Don’t fall for their lies.  Hire the best trial lawyer you can afford.  Let us fight for you!

Schedule a free consultation with Thiessen Law Firm if you’re facing DUI or DWI charges, and gain the peace of mind that only tireless legal representation can give.

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