We tend to think of January as a time of new beginnings. New year, new gym memberships, new diets, new hobbies, new you! But in spite of all the inspirational quotes and humble-bragging on social media, the new year also comes with its share of endings.

In recent years, January has become known as “Divorce Month.” According to a FindLaw study, Google searches for “divorce,” “family law,” and “child custody” increase by 50% from December to January.  Actual divorces begin to increase throughout the month, with a 30% spike in the divorce rate immediately following the holidays. But why?

Holiday Hangover

The holidays can push even a healthy relationship to its limits. For a bad marriage, they can be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Even though you might try to get things working again during the holidays, disappointing gifts, stressful parties, and extended visits with the in-laws tend to make things worse. No one wants to be the jerk who broke up their marriage during Christmas, but once the decorations have started coming down and life returns to normal, all the new cracks in your relationship start looking bigger than ever.

Money Motive

For some, the new year can come with a few financial perks like bonuses and stock payouts, which spouses can partially claim as an asset. The faster you end things, the more of your extra money you can keep. Waiting until January to start the divorce also removes added interference when it’s time to file your taxes from the previous year. Simply file your joint taxes one more time and move on with your lives.

Regaining Control

For some, it’s all about the spirit of the season. The new year is a time to reevaluate your life and your priorities with the future in mind. If beer is making you gain weight, you resolve to cut back. If your workout equipment is collecting dust, you resolve to rebuild your fitness routine. If someone is making your life worse, you resolve to move past that person.

Nobody gets married hoping for divorce, but sometimes it’s simply the logical choice for everyone involved. When a relationship stops working, faking and pretending won’t do you any favors. Sometimes regaining control means making difficult decisions. Life is too short to live in a mistake.

End It Right: Hire Defense that Will Fight to Protect What’s Yours

There’s never a “good time” to get a divorce, but doing it at the beginning of the year can simplify the process.

If you’re currently considering legal separation, chances are you have a lot of questions: How will this affect my children? Which of my assets can I keep? Who gets custody of the kids? You need honest answers, and an attorney who will fight for you to get the fair and equitable treatment you deserve.

Divorce is stressful but it doesn’t have to be. As the family lawyer at Thiessen Law Firm, I know what it means to fight against the odds and protect what matters to my clients. Just because the marriage didn’t go right doesn’t mean your assets should be destroyed in the process. If you’re ready to file for divorce, contact me today to schedule your consultation.

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