Experienced & trusted Houston child custody lawyer Taly Thiessen shares 5 things you shouldn’t do if you want to win your custody battle

As any Houston child custody lawyer can tell you, a custody battle is no walk in the park. Throw in a messy divorce (or even an amicable one) and tensions are almost always going to soar. In the midst of these emotional proceedings, it’s easy to act rashly, even if it’s not in your (or your child’s) best interest.

As one of the best family law attorneys in Houston, Taly Thiessen has seen it all when it comes to how family law cases and child custody battles affect people. The following are some of the most common actions seen that undermine a custody case and make people seem like unfit guardians.

Whether you’re a father looking into child custody laws in Texas for unmarried parents, a mother getting a handle on visitations schedules and child custody holiday schedules, or grandparents exploring grandparents’ child custody options in Texas, get the inside scoop from a Houston child custody lawyer on the dangerous mistakes you can avoid making when fighting for legal and physical custody of your child(ren).

1. Don’t lose your temper

For many, divorce is defined by loss. On top of losing your spouse, you may be losing money, possessions and, worst of all, time with your children. Still, amidst all this chaos, remember that you and only you have ultimate control over whether or not your lose your temper.

We get it. Perhaps more than anyone else, a Houston child custody lawyer knows how a divorce can leave you on edge, especially when someone is trying to take your kid(s) away from you. Even so, staying on your best behavior is key to proving to the court that your child’s well-being is safe in your hands.

If you fly off the handle, your legal and physical custody rights could be in jeopardy. Engaging in threats, especially with children present, will simply make it easier for your ex-spouse to triumph in family law matters, including in obtaining emergency temporary custody.

This fact is especially true if you have any criminal history. (If you’re wondering if and how does a criminal record affect child custody battles, read our post on the subject.) So, no matter how unfair your spouse is being, it’s in everyone’s best interest that you stay calm and collected. Keep cool. Your kids will thank you later.

2. Don’t abandon your family

It can be tempting to pack up your bags and head straight out of the door during a divorce. That said, depending on your case, as your Houston divorce lawyer / Houston child custody lawyer, I would tell you that the smarter thing to do is to temporarily get comfortable in the guest room.

In family law cases, the parent who stays and looks after the kids is more likely to retain legal custody, leaving room to negotiate a visitation schedule on their terms (winning!).

3. Don’t neglect child support

Failure to pay child support will not help your case. In addition to the poor picture it paints of your ability to be responsible, failure to pay child support can also land you in trouble with the law and can help your spouse limit the visitation agreements, etc.

If you legitimately can’t pay due to a financial emergency, contacting a family lawyer in Houston would help for a discussion of modification payment options. Whatever you do, don’t just stop paying.

4. Don’t mess with your kids’ lives

Feel like moving or taking an unplanned vacation? Ask yourself one question first: “Is this what’s best for the kids?” If the answer is no and you’re in the middle of a custody battle, you should probably reconsider that plan.

When you decide to do things without consideration for factors that are important your children’s’ lives, such as school proximity and holiday schedules, your ex can argue that you’re putting your needs above those of your children.

Even worse, if you take undisclosed vacations or trips with your children and don’t inform your ex first, you could be violating court orders already put in place by a Judge. Talk about a quick way to make any potential for an amicable parenting agreement between you and your ex null and void.

5. Don’t do it alone: Call the best Houston child custody lawyer for your case

If you’re attempting to reach a strong parenting agreement without first searching for “child custody lawyers near me,” then you’re likely fighting a losing battle. Family law cases are complicated—knowing when to fight back and when to compromise requires an experienced, compassionate child custody lawyer.

Agreeing to handle a Houston divorce without a lawyer puts you at risk of an unfair agreement and can lead to even more stress and courtroom battles in the future. By contacting us at Thiessen Law Firm, you’re starting out your custody battle with a top Houston child custody lawyer in your corner.

With experience as both a criminal defense and family law attorney, Taly Thiessen has mastered the strategic mix of compassion and action you’ll need to win a fair custody agreement. Call (713) 864-9000 or fill out the form to schedule your consultation today.

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