As a top-rated DWI defense attorney in Houston, Mark Thiessen knows a thing or two about DWI mistakes. There are certain steps you can unknowingly take that will increase your odds of being convicted of drinking and driving and, in the process, make you more susceptible to more severe DWI penalties.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common DWI mistakes you can make when being pulled over for drunk driving, when fighting DWI charges, or when evaluating your overall situation.

Mistake #1: You take a blood test.

You’ve just been pulled over and discover you have the choice: breath or blood test? Which should you do? Unfortunately, many people have heard the advice “do not blow,” i.e. opt for the blood test, from other DWI defense attorneys in Houston. In reality, in almost every situation, it’s better to blow than to bleed. There are many reasons for this choice. Let’s go through the most crucial one. 

Breathalyzers don’t sound legit in court. 

The perception of jurors matters greatly. It is much easier to argue against the effectiveness of breathalyzers than the effectiveness of blood tests court, which makes these bad boys sound much less legit than blood tests. Whether we’re talking about human error or straight-up device errors, breathalyzers are widely known for being untrustworthy and open to glitches, miscalculations, and false readings. Because of this, your breathalyzer results can actually turn out to be a solid defense tactic.

Blood tests sound legit in court. 

On the flip side, you have blood tests. Typically, a juror’s perceived reality of blood tests is that the BAC results they demonstrate are accurate 10 times out of 10. While your DWI defense attorney in Houston can stand in court and tell jurors that blood tests are susceptible to many errors until they blue in the face, their perception will likely not change. 

Blood tests don’t just show alcohol.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. If you submit to a blood test, you are also submitting to a drug test. Let’s say you’re currently taking prescription drugs. Your BAC test could show exactly what the doctor ordered, and it could still be used against you. Don’t take this chance.

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Mistake #2: You talked too much.

It’s easy to assume that you can talk your way out of a DWI, but any DWI defense attorney in Houston will be quick to tell you that this is almost always not the case. In fact, the more talking you do, the more likely it is that you’ll end up in the back of a police car. This is especially true if you say things like, “I’ve only had 2 beers” or “The last drink I had was an hour ago.” 

Police officers are taking these opportunities to look for signs of drunk driving and to over-analyze everything you do — from the way you speak to the way you move to the way you look. Get out your driver’s license and insurance information, be as cordial as possible, and plead the 5th to everything else.

Mistake #3: You assume DWI penalties aren’t a big deal.

DWI is a common charge. Lots of people get them. Your typical DWI defense lawyer in Houston isn’t worried about getting their next case. But — and this is a big but — it is not wise to assume that the penalties that come with a DWI charge aren’t a big deal. This is especially true to remember if you’re considering just pleading guilty to get things over and done with. 

Things are never “over and done with” when it comes to DWI penalties. Not only could you end up with actual jail time, but a DWI charge can stay on your record forever and damage your future job and housing opportunities. Do not take a DWI lightly, and do not underestimate DWI penalties. Take your situation seriously from day one.

Mistake #4: You don’t hire a DWI attorney in Houston.

As we just mentioned, DWI penalties are no joke, and if you don’t hire a DWI defense attorney in Houston, chances are that you will come to regret it. There are several major reasons why. 

Depending on what number DWI this is for you, you could end up spending up to $20,000 in DWI fines. But that’s just the initial cost of a DWI. You can get fired for a DWI in many cases, and you can also be denied employment for a DWI in many cases. In other words, take your annual salary and add that to the cost of your DWI. Are you starting to see why the cost of a DWI attorney is far less than the cost of a DWI?

When you hire a DWI defense attorney in Houston, you also have more options than simply pleading guilty or taking a plea deal (which is a common drunk driving myth). At this point, you even have options for expungement or pretrial diversion. Long story short, a good lawyer gives you options — something you don’t usually have if you go at it alone. Retaining a top DWI attorney in Houston is worth the investment.

Need help finding a DWI attorney? Here are some tips on how to choose a DWI lawyer.

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