Know The Important Questions You Should Be Asking

Nobody ever intends to face charges of intoxication manslaughter in Houston. The situation is difficult for all involved, and it’s natural to want to take responsibility for your case and your freedom. 

Without question, the first thing you should do is find a Houston intoxication manslaughter lawyer. You need quality defense. Manslaughter in Texas is considered a 2nd-degree felony, a  charge which carries a sentence of 2-20 years in state prison and/or a $10,000 fine. 

After you have yourself an intoxication manslaughter lawyer, there are important questions you should ask yourself and your lawyer about your case. Remember: These are serious charges. The more you know, the better. If you need more resources, here’s where you might want to start:

1) Are your blood results accurate enough for a case of intoxication manslaughter in Houston?

Blood tests and their results can be very unreliable. There are known problems with breath tests, blood tests, and field sobriety tests. For example, a lot can go wrong with blood testing, from improper testing procedures to defective equipment, including the containers used to store blood – just see why 240,000 Houston blood draw vials were recently recalled! If your lawyer is able to prove that something went wrong during the testing process, your results may not be reliable and in return could be thrown out. 

2) Were you intoxicated at the time of driving? 

Texas is an “at the time of driving” state. That means when you’re facing charges of intoxication manslaughter in Houston, the State must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were at or above the legal limit (0.08) at the time of operating the motor vehicle. What your blood alcohol content from an hour after the accident is doesn’t matter, be it 0.06 or 0.16. Some of the top defenses for intoxication manslaughter cases in Texas involve disproving that you were intoxicated at the time of the accident (or the evidence that says you were was faulty).

3) If you were in a car accident, who caused the accident?

When it comes to a charge of intoxication manslaughter with a vehicle in Texas, the question of whether or not your intoxication caused the death of another is crucial. If someone or something else causes the accident, then your intoxication manslaughter lawyer may be able to prove that the charges of intoxication manslaughter in Houston should be thrown out. This idea is known in the legal field as “causation problems.”

Of course, any DWI charges you were facing could remain, but even if you were DWI, the State must still prove your intoxication caused a death beyond a reasonable doubt.  

4) How did the accident occur?

Aside from who caused the accident, it’s also important to fully understand how the accident occurred. Outside of drinking, were there any extenuating circumstances that led to the crash?  Establishing how an accident occurred — which may involve everything from accident reconstruction to eyewitnesses — can be very complicated. However, once the “how” is uncovered, your intoxication manslaughter lawyer may be able to build a stronger defense for your intoxication manslaughter in Houston case. 

5) Do you have an intoxication manslaughter lawyer?

Only a quality intoxication manslaughter lawyer will have the tools, resources, and skills to take your answers to the questions in this article and build a strong case. Knowledgeable intoxication manslaughter lawyers can figure out how and why the accident happened, determine if the testing is inaccurate, and they can help you fight charges. 

Mark Thiessen is one of only a handful of Houston intoxication manslaughter lawyers who can legally call himself a DWI specialist and is also the only lawyer in the country who is triple board-certified in the following categories: 

  • Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization
  • DUI Defense by the National College for DUI Defense as approved through the American Bar Association
  • DUI Law by the DUI Defense Lawyers Association

If you’re looking for top representation in Houston, Mark is simply one of the most qualified, most experienced, and most successful intoxication manslaughter lawyers out there. Period.

Are you facing a charge of intoxication manslaughter in Houston?

Intoxication manslaughter in Houston is a tragic event. However, justice should still be the priority of the court, and that means that all circumstances around the accident should be explored before a verdict is made. You need and deserve a trustworthy, aggressive, and experienced lawyer who can defend your rights and reputation.

Mark Thiessen is a triple board-certified lawyer, a true DWI specialist, a Super Lawyer, and an accredited Lawyer-Scientist with a proven track record of Not Guilty verdicts for intoxication manslaughter cases in Texas. He possesses the unique expertise necessary to defend those accused of intoxication manslaughter. 

Thiessen Law Firm has the know-how required to examine all aspects of your case. To learn more about our defense for intoxication manslaughter, then call us today at 713-864-9000 or request a free consultation online.

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