Whoever coined the phrase, “Everything is bigger in Texas” definitely knew what they were talking about. As the home of 85 mph speed limits and the world’s first 99-pack of beer, Texans know a thing or two about going big. For better or worse, our laws aren’t immune from that trend, and ridiculous drug laws and excessive sentencing practices are just the beginning. There are some truly crazy laws in Texas, in fact, you may have broken a few of them already. Check out some of the weirdest laws in Texas that we still have on the books!

“Sit Down and Stay a While!”

Anyone who practices true Texas hospitality knows it’s rude to just have a drink and leave right away. But in the small town of LeFors, Texas, it’s practically a crime! If you take more than 3 sips of your beer without sitting down, then you’re officially breaking the law! Something tells us their dance parties aren’t too fun. Keep reading, the weirdest laws in Texas are still to come…

One Man’s Trash…

Texans are famous for looking out for one another, but things can get a little bit sticky when it comes to our garbage. According to dumpster diving laws in Texas, taking something out of a garbage can is hardly different from taking a bite out of a piece of fruit at the grocery store! It all comes down to Texas court rulings, which state that an object thrown in the trash is not truly abandoned until it is collected by waste management. There it is, dumpster diving is illegal in Texas. Hopefully, you don’t partake in dumpster diving, but if you do, you might want to reconsider.

Wrong on Every Level

Now this law, we can get behind. In Port Arthur, it is actually illegal to, “emit obnoxious odors in an elevator.” While the punishment for this egregious offense is just a fine, we’d love to see how the “he who smelt it, dealt it!” defense holds up in court.

I Now Pronounce Us Man and Wife

We’ve all heard the phrase “Fake it until you make it,” but Texas lawmakers have taken things to a whole new level! According to state policies on common law marriage, one simply has to publicly introduce someone as their spouse three times! That’s how this section of the Texas Family Code made our list of crazy laws in Texas.

Too Much of a Good Thing

IIn perhaps its weirdest, strangest law ever, the state of Texas has placed a legal limit on the ownership of a certain popular sex toy (hint: it rhymes with Bilbo). Anyone possessing six or more of these “magic wands” can actually be charged with a felony offense! This law seems pretty hard to enforce, but it’s definitely not one you’ll want to get caught breaking!

Marijuana is Still Illegal!

Even with states such as Washington and Colorado raking in incredible tax revenues and seeing a decrease in crime following Marijuana legalization, lawmakers in the great state of Texas still refuse to act on this common sense policy. Possession of less than two ounces of Marijuana can earn you a trip to jail, a $2,000 fine and even 180 days in jail! Out of all the crazy laws in Texas, this one stands out as the dumbest!

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