Houston is packed with lots of exciting experiences for natives and visitors alike. The Bayou City has world-class arts and theater, museum districts, countless restaurants with incredible food, and beautiful public parks. But what makes Houstonians especially proud are those moments in our collective history where people from all walks of life came together for the greater good.

Here are just some of those special moments.

Weathering the Storms

The people of Houston are no strangers to crazy weather. So when disaster strikes, we aren’t just prepared; we rise to the occasion and help our community.

For instance, when Hurricane Ike struck in 2008, the people of Houston rallied together to minimize the catastrophe and deliver much-needed supplies to their neighbors. Even though the entire city was dealing with damage, power outages and confusion, Houstonians did not hesitate to share what resources they did have with those who needed them the most.

Harris County residents provided over 2.8 million pre-made meals, 1.1 million gallons of water and over 10 million pounds of ice to residents across the city in the wake of this devastating storm.

And we don’t just look out for our own. In 2005, following the devastating Hurricane Katrina, Houstonians stepped up to help their neighbors in the east. We opened our homes, wallets and hearts to displaced New Orleans families.

Houston Sports Teams

Houston sports teams—the Astros, the Dynamo, the Rockets, and the Texans—are the ultimate comeback kids. No matter how down-and-out a season may seem, Houston teams never give up and can always be counted on for an exciting late-season push. The Astros made it to the world series in 2005. The Texans have notched three hard-fought playoff appearances.

We are confident one of our awesome teams will one day pick up where the 1993-1995 Rockets left off and bring home a championship.

Hip-Hop-Friendly Mayors

How many other U.S. cities have elected not just one but two mayors willing to reach out and work with local rappers to better the community? It all started in 2008 when then-mayor Bill White worked with local rap legend Trae the Truth to establish Trae Day, an annual celebration of Houston’s communities that includes a school supply drive for disadvantaged kids. And let’s not forget former Mayor Annise Parker, who worked with hip-hop royalty Bun B on several occasions, most notably to campaign against texting while driving.

When rappers and mayors can unite for the greater good, you know you’re living in a truly progressive city.

Space City Rendezvous

“Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.” — Neil Armstrong, July 20, 1969

Those famous words marked the triumphant Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969. But even when NASA’s space exploration did not end in triumph, the people of Houston rallied to raise each the city’s spirits and help us heal. When the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster occurred in 1986, Houstonians gathered in world record-breaking numbers for Rendez-vous Houston, a benefit concert featuring iconic electronic music keyboardist Jean-Michel Jarre. Over 1.5 million Houstonians assembled for Jarre’s performance, which included an elaborate light show and fireworks, to show their strength and pride in the face of extreme tragedy.

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