What happens when you tell more than 60 million American married couples to shelter in place indefinitely? Let’s put this way — diets and workout routines aren’t the only things that end up broken. 

Coronavirus quarantine-related divorce rates are starting to skyrocket, with some of the nation’s leading divorce attorneys reporting a 50% increase in divorce inquiries in the weeks since the COVID-19 pandemic has put most Americans on lockdown. And this trend isn’t likely to stop anytime soon. 

But why are these divorces happening, and what can you do to get the divorce process started when the courts are closed? Get the lowdown on Coronavirus divorces and the options available to you if you’re seeking a split. 

Common reasons for Coronavirus divorces

There are a lot of common reasons for divorces in Houston, and being stuck inside with the same person day-in and day-out as you try to work from home usually makes most of them worse — especially if one or both of you are out of a job. 

Financial stress

Money is stressful enough when the world isn’t in crisis, and can often contribute to fights when couples aren’t well-aligned on financial issues. As Houston divorce lawyers, we know that financial incompatibility is one of the most commonly cited reasons for divorce, behind only infidelity. And as the Coronavirus continues to rip through the economy — especially in Houston — financial stress stands to contribute to a number of divorces in the coming months. Not only are people’s long-term financial plans taking a dive in the stock market, massive layoffs and indefinite business closures are reversing fortunes fast. 

When promises have to be broken and dreams get put on hold, cracks can start to show and even marriages built on a strong foundation can start to crumble. 

Wondering how your assets get determined during a Houston divorce? Check out our blog on property division in Texas.

Irreconcilable differences 

Stressful times often bring out the true colors of a marriage. After all, it’s easy to get along when things are good — you do your thing, they do their thing, you meet in the middle, rinse and repeat. But when things go bad, all the little issues can start coming up to the surface, especially when you’re both stuck at home 24/7 with work and kids fully in the mix.

It’s not uncommon for two people to get married in ideal circumstances and mistake good times for true love, only to discover they don’t really have all that much in common and that their differences are too big to ignore. And while we always advise that people try their best to work through their differences, sometimes divorce is the necessary path forward. 

Constant arguing

For spouses stuck in an angry or abusive relationship, the prospect of being stuck at home indefinitely is nothing short of a nightmare. After all, if money struggles are growing and personal space/freedom is shrinking, hostilities can reach a boiling point. And when arguments go from once or twice a week to a daily occurrence during quarantine, the straws that break the camel’s back can really start to pile up.

If you are facing abuse, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline for immediate assistance. While physical separation may be challenging at this time, there is still help available. 

Can I file for divorce during the Coronavirus?

With the courts mostly closed, many people wonder if divorce is even an option during the COVID-19 pandemic. And while achieving physical separation may be difficult due to shelter-in-place orders, you can still start the divorce process during quarantine — albeit at a slower pace than you may like due to drastically reduced operations in Harris County family courts.

Outbreak or no outbreak, the experienced divorce attorneys at Thiessen Law Firm are here and ready to fight for you if you’ve decided that divorce is the only option. While crucial steps like in-person negotiations may have to wait, divorce mediators and still providing mediation, and crucial steps including petitions and even discovery can still occur using digital options, including: 

  • Physical drop boxes for hard-copy documents
  • Video conferencing for consultations and discovery calls
  • Electronic court documents

Click here for an up-to-date list of Texas court closures by county. 

Ready for a more permanent version of social distancing? Thiessen Law Firm is here to help.

Outbreak or no outbreak, divorce can be a trying ordeal, and choosing a strong defender is absolutely crucial. Whether you’re a father looking to protect your rights as a parent, or you want a simple no-fault divorce in Texas so that you can get on with your life, Taly Thiessen and the team at Thiessen Law Firm are here to fight for you during this challenging time. 
Don’t let the uncertainty of COVID-19 keep you from doing what’s right for you. Schedule a consultation today, and let us help you get your divorce off to the right start.

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