Do I need a lawyer for a DWI in Texas? Technically, you don’t. However, if you do opt to represent yourself in a DWI case and skip hiring a DWI defense attorney, you could end up in a very bad spot. Now, you might be wondering… 

But why is representing yourself so bad if a DWI is such a common charge? Even if you do get convicted, DWI penalties aren’t that crazy, right? I’ll just take a few drunk driving classes and be done with it.

If these thoughts are in your head right now, squash them. These are wildly incorrect assumptions to make about DWI charges and penalties. To bring this point home, we’ve laid out 5 reasons you should ALWAYS hire a lawyer when you’re facing DWI charges.

Reason #1: They won’t go easy on you.

You may think that if you take things on by yourself the court will go easy on you — but this is far from reality. In fact, when you’re alone in the middle of things, it may feel as if they’re actually going harder on you. This is because there is a lot that goes into defending yourself against DWI charges and court cases in general. 

Not only will you be expected to understand the trial process, but you’ll also be expected to understand how to examine witnesses, submit evidence, and analyze information presented. Even if you do have some experience or understanding of how court cases work, there are many nuances and specificities that exist within the courtroom that can be difficult for even trained lawyers to follow at times. 

 If you are innocent, failing to successfully prepare for your case and correctly undergo the trial process could land you with a Guilty verdict.

That’s why one of the primary reasons the answer to the question “Do I need a lawyer for DWI in Texas?” is yes: experience matters. A DWI lawyer with experience under their belt knows exactly how the DWI court process works as well as the many ways to argue for your innocence.

Reason #2: You could lose a lot of money.

Unfortunately, the majority of people who choose to not hire a lawyer do so because they don’t want to spend the money. Now, don’t get us wrong… we know that hiring a lawyer can be a pretty hefty investment; however, that’s exactly what it is — an investment. 

If you compare the money you spend on a lawyer to the money you could spend on DWI fines and annual DWI fees (if found guilty), you’ll quickly realize that hiring a lawyer isn’t so expensive afterall. In fact, DWI fines could cost upwards of $20,000 (and that’s not including the hidden costs of a DWI).

Reason #3: You could be stuck with the hidden costs of a DWI charge.

These hidden costs of a DWI extend way beyond fees. They can include everything from losing your license and your right to own a firearm to difficulty finding a job and ongoing issues with any child custody arrangements. The hidden costs of a DWI can greatly impact the quality of your life for years (and even decades) to come. 

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Reason #4: You could end up with jail time.

Texas DWI penalties are no laughing matter. Aside from the massive DWI fines, you’re also left with the possibility of jail time. While jail time is often unlikely for a first-time DWI offense, it is still a potential outcome. 

Let’s say you had a very high BAC level, your traffic stop wasn’t the greatest, and you show up to court without a defense lawyer. In this situation, jail time is a much more likely prospect and, in the worst case scenario, things could boil down to a 3-month jail sentence (with jail time rising significantly for second, third, and fourth offenses). Is this a risk you’re willing to take? If your answer to that question is no, then your answer to the question “Do I need a lawyer for a DWI in Texas?” is yes. 

Check out the various DWI penalties:

Reason #5: You could hire Thiessen Law Firm.

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