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Everything You Need to Know about the Ban on Texting and Driving in Texas


For many years, Texas has struggled to enact any anti-texting-while-driving legislation and many Texas drivers have fallen into some bad habits. While hardly anyone ever openly admits to texting while driving, the numbers tell a very different story. According to the national safety council, cell phone use is linked to 1.6 million car accidents per year, and that’s only accounting for the people who actually admit to doing it! Governor Greg Abbott has finally taken a stance to make sure these numbers are about to take a dip.

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Reasonable Doubt – The Thin Line Between Innocence and Not Guilty


Unanimously, I think we can agree that there are many misconceptions about the law and how it works. A perfect example of this uncertainty is the legal standards behind “guilty” and “not guilty” verdicts. Many people hear the phrase “not guilty” and immediately think that it means innocent. In the American justice system, that’s not exactly true—the line between guilt and innocence is known as “reasonable doubt,” and it’s the most important factor in any criminal trial.

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How a DWI Affects Your CHL in Texas


As a criminal defense attorney, I take all of our constitutional rights seriously. This commitment, of course, includes the Second Amendment, which says that every American citizen is granted the right to bear arms — even if the state and federal governments often places limits on who can own a gun and ways to obtain one. While some of these policies make sense, others can be outrageous. For example, true that there should be measures to prevent unlawful carrying of a firearm for someone with multiple violent convictions on their record, but what of people who were simply charged with a DWI?

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Revealing Facts Behind How Texas Calculates Net Resources in Child Support Cases


For anyone dealing with a separation, it’s fair to say child support is probably the last thing you want to confront. The entire process is extremely strenuous and then there might be figuring out how to accommodate for the steep financial costs of paying for child support. And if you think that standard paycheck stubs are the only thing the court is going to want to look at, think again. All assets are factored in to determine what the child support figure is here in Texas.

So what are the most important and common assets analyzed for child support calculations?

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Prescription Drugs and DWI in Texas


It’s not even a debate that driving while intoxicated under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs is potentially dangerous for most. That said, where does that leave legally prescribed drugs? Current standards for determining intoxication is pretty sketchy. If a police officer believes that your driving is affected by any sort of substance — alcohol, illicit drugs, medication (yes, even over-the-counter), you can and most likely will be arrested for a DWI. Between harsh laws and flawed tests, people are mistakenly getting charged with DWI for driving while under the influence of their legally prescribed medications. Just ask Tiger Woods.

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How Could You Really Spot an Unmarked Cop Car in Texas?


We’ve all been there. You’re driving home after a night out and the streets seem empty, but then you notice this white car right behind you. The other lanes are empty. So why is this car following you? Could it be a cop? Unmarked police vehicles keep getting more and more sophisticated.

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Personal Injury: When You Should Seek a Second Opinion


Have you been injured by either someone or their property? The last you probably would want to hear is: There’s no case. Well, even if you have presented your case to an attorney before who has turned it down, you could still choose to have conversation with a second attorney. Here’s how to recognize when you should persist with investing in the help you need.

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Can a Criminal Conviction Hurt Your Child Custody Battle?


Most of us have great intentions of starting a family and living a happily ever after story, but the reality is sometimes divorce is something we must face. If there are children involved and a custody battle, then the process of separating is anything but easy or fun. And for people who may have made mistakes in their past involving the criminal justice system, the entire process only gets that much more frustrating.

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Thiessen Law Firm Offers Military Discounts


One of the greatest things about living in this country is our right to freedom and justice. As a criminal defense attorney, I fight passionately hard to preserve those freedoms for all of my clients. When it comes to helping those who risked it all to protect everyone’s freedoms, it’s my duty to repay their bravery however I can.
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The Dumbest Things People Tell Cops (And What to Say Instead)


Let’s face it, there’s nothing fun about dealing with the cops. Whether you’re being pulled over for a speeding ticket or a DWI, an unexpected police encounter is guaranteed to cost you time and a lot of money. So when you see the red and blue lights flashing in your rear-view mirror, it’s only natural to try and come up with an excuse to end the situation smoothly. The problem with this? Lies and excuses just make things worse. Before you start running your mouth, make sure you leave these losing tactics out of your playbook.

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