What is a super lawyer? You may have heard of an attorney being referred to as a “super lawyer.” At first, it may sound like a goofy term for a good lawyer, but it is much more than that. Besides having a feature in Super Lawyers Magazine, being awarded the title of Super Lawyer is an honor in the legal profession and is held to a very high standard. 

Nine-time winner of the Super Lawyer award Mark Thiessen is here to explain how one qualifies to be a Super Lawyer and why hiring a Super Lawyer could be beneficial to you and your case. 

What’s the difference between a lawyer and a Super Lawyer?

Super Lawyers represent the best of the best in over 70 legal practice areas. Every year, the Super Lawyer award is given to a handful of attorneys from every state who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in their legal field. In fact, the Super Lawyers list recognizes no more than five percent of attorneys in each state honoring the most prestigious attorneys in the country.

What makes Super Lawyer nominations so special? These attorneys are chosen through nominations and peer evaluations. Because the legal profession is quite competitive, this indicates that the nominee’s colleagues and peers recognize their success and believe they are deserving of this award which speaks volumes to the individual’s character and standing in the legal field. The success of each nominee’s career is then researched using 12 different indicators including track records, reputation, dedication to skill set building, and other criteria.

Having a Super Lawyer on your side can be beneficial if you’re facing legal charges. Here’s why.

Why should you hire a Super Lawyer?

Now that we have answered the question “What is a super lawyer?” you may be wondering how this award applies to you –– a potential client. If you find yourself in a situation where you will need legal representation, choosing a lawyer can be an overwhelming process. Here’s a simple tip that can narrow down your potential choices: hire a Super Lawyer.

To put it simply, hiring just any old attorney can leave you underprepared for the fight of your life. You NEED an experienced and aggressive attorney to represent you. Before you consider hiring an attorney, check their credentials and see if they are a Super Lawyer –– if not, look for one who is. A Super Lawyer provides services above and beyond what is expected to ensure the best interests of his or her clients. After all, you would prefer Superman to fight crime before you would any normal man. The same should be said about who you choose to represent you in court.

By hiring a Super Lawyer, you are maximizing your chances of getting the best possible outcome for your case. Looking for that “Super Lawyer” credential is one of the best ways to be sure that you are hiring an experienced, accredited, and competent lawyer.

Mark Thiessen is a 9-time Super Lawyer Winner

Criminal defense attorney Mark Thiessen, founding attorney of Thiessen Law Firm, has been named a Super Lawyer by Thomson Reuters for the ninth consecutive year. In addition to being chosen among Texas Super Lawyers in 2021, Thiessen is ranked among the top 100 lawyers in Houston and in the state of Texas — the only DWI lawyer to achieve this feat in 2021.

Typically awarded to legal professionals over the age of 40 or in practice for more than 10 years, Thiessen has been one of the youngest lawyers to receive this award for his extraordinary work in both criminal defense and DWI defense law.

If you’re looking for the best of the best in Texas, look no further than Mark Thiessen of Thiessen Law Firm. Call Mark today at 713-864-9000 or contact the firm online to schedule a free consultation.

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