One of the greatest things about living in this country is our right to freedom and justice. As a criminal defense attorney, I fight passionately hard to preserve those freedoms for all of my clients. When it comes to helping those who risked it all to protect everyone’s freedoms, it’s my duty to repay their bravery however I can.

Giving Back to Our Heroes

Our veterans often sacrifice life and limb to protect everything that we hold dear so the last thing they should have to worry about is being treated unfairly when they return home. Unfortunately, the reality is less than nice. Between PTSD, difficult resources, and a broken system, far too many of our nation’s finest wind up stuck in the criminal justice system without access to the quality defense they need.

After all that they’ve given to us, it’s only right that we help them in their time of need. This is why the team at Thiessen Law Firm offers military discounts to not only all active duty service members but also veterans who find themselves in trouble.

A History of Helping Our Heroes

Far from just a catchy offer, our military discount has helped many veterans and active service members fight their charges and regain the very freedom that they’ve fought so hard to protect. Here are just a few examples:

Unfair Assault Accusations
In the State of Texas v. C.T., our client, a Desert Storm veteran, was falsely accused of assault by his girlfriend who didn’t appreciate him trying to restrain her for her own safety. This case should have never gone to trial, but when the plaintiff’s jealousy got the better of her, we made short work of her claims and the jury came back with a “not guilty!”
Bogus DWI Charges
In the State of Texas v. E.O., we successfully defended a brave Iraq War veteran from a nonsense DWI charge by proving the police work was both shoddy and their testing methods were flat out poor. Though our veteran looked great on video and never even asked to use the bathroom, the hostile police officers used faulty equipment to accuse him of having BAC that was 2 times over the legal limit. With a history of errors—some documentation errors that even the prosecution’s witnesses couldn’t explain—the machine’s results were sketchy at best. The jury did the right thing by handing our client back his freedom with a well-deserved “not guilty.”
Fighting for the Best Possible Deal
In the world of criminal defense, sometimes the best possible outcome varies from case to case. We always strive to either get our clients’ cases dropped, or have them found not guilty, but sometimes this isn’t always possible. In one of my most recent victories, we experienced this first hand. A two-time Purple Heart recipient, a Medal of Honor winner, and a father of three to boot, this mentioned client is a man as brave and admirable as they could come. All of that hard work threatened to come crashing down when he was charged with Intoxicated Manslaughter of a Fetus and Assault with a Deadly Weapon after a terrible car accident. While we weren’t able to get a “not guilty,” our tireless defense did earn our wonderful client probation on charges that could have very well ruined his entire life.

You Fought for Me, Now Let Me Fight for You

I am truly honored to help those who have risked so much to help this great country of ours. Whether you’re charged with Assault, DWI, or even Robbery—if you have served in the military, I will represent you for a reduced fee. If you or a service member you know is facing legal troubles, don’t hesitate another moment. Contact the team at Thiessen Law Firm today for your free consultation.

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