Please Note: Under the current Governor, we are unable to help someone with a felony conviction in Texas. Also, we cannot help those with Federal convictions or out of state felony convictions.

Any gun rights lawyer can tell you that Texans care deeply about guns. Yet unlike what many people outside of Texas believe, Texans are not allowed to run around with a handful of guns wherever and whenever they please. Gun laws do exist in Texas, and it’s important that gun owners in Texas understand these laws. 

And when all else fails, it’s also important to know how and when to contact a Texas gun rights attorney. Let’s take a few minutes to discuss how you can lose your gun rights, what you can do to restore those gun rights, and how a firearms lawyer can help you during the process.

Examples of gun crimes and firearm offenses in Texas

According to Thiessen Law Firm’s gun rights lawyer, Ronnie Yeates, there are multiple ways you can lose your gun rights in Texas. Here are a few common examples of actions that can lead to revoked gun rights:

  • You broke Texas concealed carry laws and were caught carrying a weapon without a license
  • You were convicted of a felony 
  • You were involved in a domestic violence dispute
  • You have a restraining order placed against you
  • You were committed to a mental health facility

Gun rights restoration in Texas

A gun rights lawyer knows that losing your gun rights can be both frustrating and scary. After all, the Second Amendment is an important part of protecting yourself, your family, and your home. So if you’ve had your gun rights taken away from you, it’s important to know about gun rights restoration.

Restoring gun rights is a process. Gun rights do not simply come back after a certain time period or after a jail term is served. You and your gun rights lawyer must petition to have your gun rights restored and, depending on why your gun rights were taken to begin with, there might be other factors to consider (such as having to wait for extended periods of time before you’re eligible for restoration of your gun rights, fines, etc). 

To increase your chances of a successful outcome, everything needs to be 100% in order before you can legally bear arms again. That’s where a gun rights lawyer in Texas comes in handy. 

Contact a gun rights lawyer in Texas

As a gun rights lawyer in Texas, Ronnie Yeates of Thiessen Law Firm knows Texas gun laws inside and out. He can help you answer questions such as “Is it legal to keep a gun in my car?” and “Can you buy a gun with a DWI on your record?

But the assistance from Thiessen Law Firm’s gun rights lawyers doesn’t stop there. We can guide you on the best possible way to restore your gun rights and help you fight to preserve your right to the Second Amendment. 

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 713-864-9000, or you can request a consultation online.

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