Wondering how to get a DWI off your record in Texas? You’ve come to the right place. The consequences of a DWI arrest are already steep enough, even without a conviction people often find themselves spending massive amounts of money in court, putting their lives on hold, and facing damage to their reputations and family lives. So what options are available to those seeking a second chance?

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How long does a DWI stay on your record in Texas?

First things first, in Texas, how long does a DWI stay on your record? We’ve got some bad news. Although many other states have a “lookback” or “washout period,” which is an amount of time before a DWI conviction falls off your record, Texas does not have any such period.

This means that in Texas if you are found guilty of DWI, that DWI will stay with you for life. 

That’s it then, right? Thankfully no. Because a DWI arrest is not a conviction, there are a few circumstances in which you can get a DWI off your record in Texas. And we’re going to tell you how. 

Can you get a DWI removed from your record in Texas?

Although Texas is known for its no-nonsense attitude on all things DWI, which can make getting a DWI removed from your record difficult, it is not impossible. 

While DWI convictions are non-expungeable offenses in Texas, a lot has to happen for a DWI arrest to turn into a conviction, and a skilled DWI attorney can help make sure that that doesn’t happen. 

In order to have your case expunged in Texas, one of the following Texas DWI expungement requirements must be met. 

  1. Your case was dismissed. Can you expunge a dismissed DWI in Texas? Yes! Dismissals are the most common reason for DWI expungement in Texas, and your chances of dismissal go up astronomically when you hire a skilled Texas DWI lawyer. 
  2. You completed a deferred adjudication program. Judges may offer deferred adjudication for first-time offenders. Deferred adjudication programs just mean the eventual dismissal of your charges after a period of time. 
  3. You were never convicted for other reasons. If you are charged, released, and never convicted, and have waited through the proper waiting period after your charge, you may be able to expunge your DWI.
  4. You were tried and found Not Guilty. You can have your charges expunged if your defense attorney went to trial and got you acquitted* of DWI.
  5. You got a DUI or DWI as a minor. If you were a minor when you were charged with DWI or DUI, you may be able to have the charge expunged once you are no longer a minor. 

If you’re wondering how to get a DWI off your record in Texas, you should know that your best chance lies in hiring an attorney who knows how to take a DWI case to court and WIN. Trial attorneys like those at Thiessen Law Firm know how to fight complex DWI charges in front of a judge or jury and win, rather than just asking you to plead guilty to lesser charges that will stay on your record forever. 

*Continue reading: What does acquitted mean?

Can you get a DWI sealed in Texas? What you need to know about the Texas DWI Second Chance Law

Texas House Bill 3016, otherwise known as Texas’ “Second Chance” Bill, allows first-time offenders to request a non-disclosure for non-violent crimes, which keeps the public from seeing the charge and effectively keeps it off of their record. 

In order to qualify for record sealing under HB 3016 a defendant must meet the following requirements:

  • Blood alcohol content must have been under .15
  • No accident with another party
  • Successful completion of court-mandated probation
  • Completed payment of all fines and court costs
  • No prior criminal history (excluding traffic offenses)

DWI defendants will also have to complete a waiting period to request non-disclosure of their charge, which is two years with an ignition interlock device or five years without, at the court’s discretion. 

Hire an attorney who knows how to get a DWI off your record in Texas

If you need a fresh start, you need an attorney who knows how to get a DWI off your record. Although Texas makes it difficult for those arrested for DWI to leave behind their mistakes, hiring a trusted DWI attorney to be your ally can help. 

Do not attempt to go it alone. If you have been arrested for DWI and are hoping to navigate the legal landscape without a criminal lawyer you will likely end up with a conviction for the rest of your life. Having someone at your side who knows how to explore strategies for dismissal, fight the evidence, and navigate the stringent requirements for entry into state programs, is invaluable no matter what your circumstances. 

Whether you’re wondering how to get your record expunged in Texas or you’ve been arrested for intoxication manslaughter in Texas, Mark Thiessen and the Houston DWI lawyers at Thiessen Law Firm can help. 

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