Between our perfect AVVO score and the numerous, hard-fought victories we delivered to our clients, 2015 marked yet another incredible year for attorney Mark Thiessen and the team at Thiessen Law Firm. From unfair DWIs to bogus assault charges, we fought tirelessly throughout the year to win “not guilty” verdicts for our deserving clients. Here are just a few of those cases where the law prevailed, the jury made the right decision, and justice was served.

The Lawyer-Scientist Advantage

DWI arrests aren’t always as black and white as prosecutors would have you believe. With all the specialized equipment and biological factors that come into play, having an attorney who understands both the scientific and legal aspects of your case is crucial.

In 2015, we put that knowledge to the test in Texas vs. W.E. Two years ago, our client was on their way home from the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo when they hit a preexisting accident on Interstate 10. Our client was arrested for DWI, and after three inconsistent blood tests, the necessary samples were still not ready when it was time to go to trial. Judge Ross felt that enough was enough and rightly dismissed the case, but the DA wouldn’t back down. That’s when our client decided to enlist the help of one of Houston’s top DWI attorney. With the blood test serving as the State’s primary evidence, Mark Thiessen put his scientific expertise into practice and found the samples were essentially unusable. Between the discolored specimens and the outdated testing equipment, we were able to demonstrate exactly why the State’s evidence was irrelevant and win our client a not-guilty verdict!

Fighting for Equal Treatment

No matter where you’re from or what language you speak, you are entitled to fair and equal treatment by law enforcement. That’s why the facts at hand in Texas vs. C.Y. made us so angry and ready to fight!

Our client in this case is an attractive young woman from Cuban. While driving home, she was accosted by a carload of guys who started cat calling her. She attempted to get away from this scary bunch, and wound up getting pulled over on Westheimer for speeding. Amazingly, she was arrested almost immediately for DWI.

Despite making it very clear that she did not understand the law, and that English was her second language, the arresting officers refused to provide her with Spanish language resources that were immediately available! As if that wasn’t bad enough, our client was forcibly strapped down at a blood analysis station, and ended up vomiting due to the trauma and stress. Even though the analyst confirmed that our client’s alcohol intake that night was nowhere near enough to cause intoxication, the same analyst changed their story during trial. Fortunately for our client, our tireless representation was able to sway the jury against a hostile DA. This was one of our hardest fought for not-guilty verdicts, and we even managed to protect our client’s immigration status in the process. God bless America for giving everyone the right to seek justice in the face of adversity.

Protecting Innocent Clients from Nonsense Charges

In Texas vs. C.T., our client, a Desert Storm combat veteran, was unfairly accused of unlawful restraint by a spiteful girlfriend. Following a couples’ argument, our client’s girlfriend proceeded to get intoxicated and needed to be held inside for her own good. Even though our client was not aggressive and simply held his girlfriend back to protect her from herself, the cops were called and charges were filed. Once the dust had settled, our client’s girlfriend met with the DA not once but TWICE to have the charges dismissed. But after she saw him with another woman, the gloves came back on, and the case went to court.

We knew the girlfriend’s story was suspicious, and the jury agreed. Thanks to the jury, this honorable veteran is now spared the burden of living with a criminal record.

A Super Lawyer with a Perfect AVVO Rating

Our amazing results have not gone unrecognized by the legal community. Our ceaseless dedication and satisfied clients have earned us an AV Preeminent rating by Martindale Hubbell. And that’s not all!  For the third consecutive year, attorney Mark Thiessen has been named a Texas Super Lawyer by Thompson Reuters, making him one of the youngest attorneys to receive this coveted distinction.

If you find yourself facing down the criminal justice system, you don’t have to go it alone. Let our team of dedicated defense attorneys review your case with a free consultation.

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