If you’re a father seeking custody of his child (or children), questions will likely pop up: Does a father ever win custody? What are fathers’ rights lawyers? Can I get 50/50 custody as a father?

As a father, a battle for child custody might seem daunting. There’s a lot of stigma surrounding children and fathers’ rights in Texas. That’s why child custody lawyers for fathers are such an asset. With an aggressive child custody lawyer for fathers by your side, you’re more likely to reach a fair child custody agreement that aligns with the best interests of the child. 

Take a few minutes to go over these tips from expert fathers’ rights attorneys and discover how to best prepare yourself for a more positive experience with child custody.

1. Don’t just say you’re the father; establish paternity.

The court will not automatically assume you are the father unless paternity is established. This is especially true if you have a child with a woman you are not married to.

While this might seem off-putting and can make for some awkward conversations with the child’s mother, remember this law is in place for a good reason. Namely, it makes it extremely difficult for a mother to refuse visitations once he is rightfully established as the father of the child. 

2. Always do your best to pay child support.

Whether you have a formal or informal child support agreement with the mother, make sure you always pay. If you fail to do so, you could hurt your chances of receiving the custody arrangement you’re seeking. Informal agreements to pay are not preferable, but if that’s your only option, then make sure you keep documentation of all payments for the support of your child. 

Already paying child support? Take a look at how to handle child support modification in Texas and check out what happens if a father doesn’t pay child support.

3. Maintain detailed records of everything.

Speaking of documentation, it’s wise to go ahead and keep detailed records of everything. This includes everything from visitation and child support payments to after school activities and more. You don’t want to leave things open to chance, and you definitely don’t want to leave your child custody battle at the mercy of a “he said, she said” disagreement. Play it safe, and document everything.

4. Be the best father you can be.

It might sound obvious, but you can’t forget to build up a solid and meaningful relationship with your child. Go to events, help with homework, celebrate birthdays, and remain an integral part of your child’s life. Remember to make sure that your child has a space of their own at your home, including a bed and a place to put their things. Failure to do so might lead the court to not view you as a fit parent. 

Also — and this should go without saying — do your best to stay out of trouble with the law. If you’ve had trouble with the law in the past, you might be wondering, “Does a criminal record affect child custody?” Long story short? Probably, but you stand a better chance of winning your child custody battle anyway when you hire a child custody lawyer for fathers.

5. Find a child custody lawyer for fathers. 

The child custody process can be a beast. If there are multiple children involved and parents who don’t get along (especially if they’re unmarried), things can become even more difficult. That’s why it’s wise to contact child custody lawyers for fathers, so you can get the best possible representation and the best possible outcome.

An experienced family law attorney can help you understand your rights and guide you to make better decisions. Without a fathers rights attorney in Houston, you may not receive the custody arrangement you’re deserved.

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